Did you know...

...that Vladivostok lies 6 times zones west of San Diego - and 7 times zones east of Moscow?

Link to Vladivostok Webcams Vladivostok Webcams

Did you know...

...that acclaimed actor Yul Brynner was born in Vladivostok in 1920?

For more information and awesome historic photos, visit his son Rock Brynner's website.

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Vladivostok is San Diego's sister city in Russia.

Hemishperic drawing showing relative location of San Diego and Vladivostok

We seek mutual understanding

"In order to support the ideals of international goodwill and lasting peace, the cities of San Diego and Vladivostok agree to promote public awareness and participation through exchanges in education, culture, technology, and business; and to seek a wide understanding of each other's countries, traditions, customs, and community life through people to people contacts and relationships."

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